News Britannia launches ‘we will travel’ production

Britannia Services Ltd have today launched an inspiring production entitled ‘We will travel’.

Noel Farrugia, Managing Director of Britannia Services said that the unprecedented situation in the travel industry and the mandatory closure of global airports has brought travelling to a grinding halt. “Britannia has however continued to engage with our customers, together with other potential ones, in providing them with continued updates and inspiration in looking forward to the future, which now seems to be quite close,” said Mr Farrugia.

He added that this production was done to reflect the fact that “despite all of us knowing that the world has changed, we can still cherish the travel memories already made, whilst dreaming about other destinations on our bucket list of travel. Indeed we are very close to a world which will change again and when we will be free to travel, albeit to restricted destinations, just like before.”

Britannia Tours is geared for the future and as a leader in the local travel industry, including an office in Slovenia, which is one of the company’s leading travel routes, we are determined to face this new reality and as always provide our loyal customers, and others new, to a favourable experience built on trust and excellence, underlined Farrugia

Check Britannia’s WE WILL TRAVEL on Vimeo

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Britannia launches ‘we will travel’ production

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