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Outspoken, adventurous, proud and audacious: Serbia is the emerging country that everyone has set their eyes on! Discover why!

Serbia is slowly but surely becoming a solid reality when it comes to Maltese travelers considering their next destination. But what makes Serbia so special?

  • Nature – Lakes, Mountains & more
  • Nightlife, Concerts & Festivals
  • Great food & Wine

Nature – Lakes, Mountains & More

Serbia is especially known for it’s nightlife in Belgrade, but Serbia is not just about nightlife! In fact, Serbia has various Nature Parks and and resorts which are perfect for nature lovers and those seeking some adventurous activities.

Zlatibor in central Serbia is most certainly one of the most sought after locations, giving you endless greenery and the possibility for everyone to enjoy some rest, peace and quiet whilst breathing in some fresh air.

The Kapaonik National Park is another location situated in Southern Serbia where one can also enjoy some magnificent scenery, trekking options and also the possibility to go for skiing holidays, same as Zlatibor.

Serbia is also known for its Cave formations! The longest caves in Serbia are the Lazareva cave near the city of Bor (9000 meters), Ušački cave system (6,185 meters) and Cerjanska cave near the city of Niš (6,025 meters). However, the most popular Caves are most certainly Stopica Cave and Resava cave and are also easily accessible to tourists.

Nightlife in Serbia

Belgrade is most definitely considered to be Europeans’ Capital City of Nightlife and for those who have experienced this already will most certainly understand why! Be it New Year’s eve, sports activities, concerts and festivals, Serbs most certainly know how to party properly!

Novi Sad is another known city just 1 hour from Belgrade which offers some good nightlife. However, Novi Sad is mostly definitely known for the EXIT Festival, an award-winning summer music festival which is held at the Petrovaradin Fortress during the 1st week of July.

Niš also holds Nisville Jazz Festival attracting over 100,000 visitors a year. The festival has managed to secure everyone from the saxophonist Grace Kelly to legendary soul star Solomon Burke in the past, as it fills two full programmes of music inside the fort on the Earth and Sky stages. The festival takes place between the 1st and 2nd week of August.

Great Food & Wine

Serbia is also known for its amazing culinary delicacies! From the fast food options to high class restaurants, you are always ensured with some really tasty food whilst sipping on some fresh local wine.

Serbian specialties you most definitely have to taste are:
burek, gibanica, grilled meat, roast, Karađorđeva steak, cabbage rolls, goulash, đuveč (a type of a stew), moussaka, mućkalica (a mixture of different types of meat and vegetables in a form of a stew), čvarci (similar to pork rinds), kajmak (milk cream), pršuta (smoked ham)… the list is quite endless, but we’re sure you get the idea! Anything you set your mind on is bound to taste wonderfully!

360 km²
117 m
1.369 million (2015)
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