Greenery, Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls, Nightlife - Slovenia has it all! Discover more of this incredible country!

After more than 11 years of continuous presence in the Maltese Market, Slovenia has nowadays become a solid reality and a constant search for the Maltese traveller looking for a holiday that can tick all boxes:

  • Spectacular nature – lakes, mountains, gorges, caves, waterfalls… you name it!
  • adventure holidays – Rafting, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, cycling..
  • Sports holidays – football camps, basketball camps, skiing..
  • Great food & wine
  • General peace of mind

Spectacular nature – lakes, mountains, gorges, caves, waterfalls…
you name it!

Slovenia is most definitely known for it’s pristine nature and endless greenery. Everyone who has travelled here can vouch for this statement! The list is long, but if we could mention a few, then we would definitely highlight Bled, Bohinj, Mount Vogel, Krvavec, Vintgar Gorge, Postojna Caves, Skocjan Caves and Pekel Caves, Kozjak Waterfalls… and so much more! The nature here is something that no matter how many photos you will see and look up, you will still be mesmerized and left in awe.

The Must Visits:

One can stay in Bled where you can admire the emblematic emerald green Lake with an island set in the middle of the lake and overlooked by Bled Castle. Bled is the ideal location to be based in since this will give you accessibility to the major sites set on the Western and Central part of the Country.

Kranjska Gora is set close to the Italian and Austrian border and this is normally the choice for those who would rather be completely surrounded by nature and mountains. Although a small town, Kranjska Gora boasts numerous hotels since this is one of the major locations when it comes to the Winter Season. Skiing competitions are also held in Kranjska Gora, making it one of the best skiing spots Europe has to offer!

The Capital City, Ljubljana, is by far one of the sweetest capital cities one could possibly visit. Starting your walk from Preseren Square – where you find the emblematic Three Bridges – and heading towards the market place and around the old town, you will automatically feel like you belong here. Seeing all the cafes and bars by the Ljubljanica bring such a feeling of life and this is where you can understand that, even though Ljubljana has a very rich history, you will feel the city young at heart!

Celje is maybe one of the least known locations from those mentioned so far, however it represents a very strong title. Celje is Slovenia’s third largest city and is specifically known for the Counts of Celje. Walking through the old town and towards the river, you can enjoy a peaceful walk with numerous restaurants offering some fantastic meals at really good prices! Hotel Evropa is also known for it’s amazing sweets and cakes; so you might want to consider making a stop here!

Adventure holidays – Rafting, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, cycling..

Slovenia is also popular for those who want to experience an adventurous holiday without breaking the bank!

There are quite a few spots where one can go White Water Rafting, though the most popular spots are definitely on the Sava River and on the Soca River; mainly from Lake Bled or from Bovec.

Hiking and trekking can be done in various locations too, though the most popular area is by far at the Triglav National Park!

Rock Climbing can be done at Bohinj, but there are also various other locations where one can enjoy this sport!

Cycling is something that can literally be done around the country. There are endless cycling paths which can take you past all the sweet little villages situated under the mountains and by the rivers, giving you that never-ending energy to continue paddling your way around!

Sports holidays – football camps, basketball camps, skiing etc

Slovenia is also known for it’s numerous sports complexes which enables the maltese athlete to plan a camp for their nursery or for a group of friends.

Various sports are enjoyed in Slovenia, though the most popular sports are most definitely Football, Basketball, Skiing and Ice Hockey. . Kranjska Gora and Maribor are two locations which offer a wide variety of possibilities in order to plan a good sports camp with local teams and also have the possibility of measuring up with the local talents too!

Great food & wine

Slovenians have a very diverse cuisine, especially due to having neighbours who have great taste in food!

Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary are all countries with rich culinary culture and these have influenced the style of Slovenian cuisine a lot. Its basis is cereal, dairy products, meat (especially pork), sea and fresh-water fish, vegetables, beans, olives and grapes. Sausages and Soups are definitely one of the MUST plates to taste while being in Slovenia, but quite honestly, anything you eat will bring you joy!

When it comes to wine, Slovenia has various regions which highlight different kinds of wine! So, if you’re a wine enthusiast, you can easily spend a whole week driving around the wineries and spread out around the country! Goriska Brda is known as the Slovenian Tuscany, Maribor is known for its Old Vine (Guiness World Record holder) and the Karst region is known for its Teran (tried and tested, it’s amazing!) and also for prosciutto… there are many other regions which can highlight other unique things to the region!

General peace of mind

Ultimately, one of the reasons why we all travel is also to enjoy some peace of mind, especially due to the very hectic life that we live.

Slovenia is by far the number 1 Country when it comes to peace of mind. There is something about this country that captivates you but most importantly, re-aligns you, spiritually, mentally & emotionally. Isn’t this enough of a reason to visit this country?

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